The Yate Town Council Local Nature Action Plan has blossomed in North Yate!

Trees, bees and many flower seeds later… the Yate Town Council Local Nature Action Plan (LNAP) has blossomed in North Yate!

In 2020, the Town Council made a declaration recognising the climate and ecological emergency our world is facing, promising to do its part to protect the planet, which inspired the creation of the LNAP.

In phase one of our LNAP, the Town Council received funding from West of England Combined Authority (WECA), to enhance biodiversity, to raise awareness and empower the community to act and address the ecological emergency, so that together, we can help increase the pollinator population, and create habitats for other vital wildlife. Yate Town Councillor, Chris Willmore said:

We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers and organisations who are helping with this – adopting spaces and planting things. If anyone wants to get involved in any way, we want to hear from you. Together we can make a difference.”

Weca photo

Yate Town Council received confirmation of the WECA Pollinator funding in later summer 2022.  We began planting in winter 2022 in sites across North Yate and have since planted hundreds of bulbs, thousands of wildflower seeds and a variety of trees, including maple and cherry. The project also planted pond plants and coir rolls for water pollinators, and built bug hotels to provide safe hideaways for wildlife’s hugely important, yet smallest creatures.

The Town Council thanks WECA for their support and for the funding that has enabled the Town Council to bring colour, wildlife and beauty to the pollinators and other residents of North Yate. Metro Mayor, Dan Norris said:

“I’m proud that my West of England Mayoral Authority is investing even more in bees and it is fantastic to be doing so in North Yate. I’ve made bees a priority as they’re vital to making sure our crops are pollinated and we have food to eat all year-round. The changes to the parks and open spaces in North Yate are just part of the bee-rilliant work we and our partners are doing to make our amazing West of England region the best place in the whole country for our bee buddies.”

We invite you to take a walk in our parks and open spaces in North Yate, and “bee” inspired by the work of your community and Town Council, to make your green spaces buzz with wildlife!

For more information on our fabulous funders, visit WECA at:, Community Pollinator Fund.

To find out more about our LNAP,  or for a map of our parks and green spaces fly by our website, contact Yate Town Council at [email protected] or telephone 01454 869441, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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