Who’s Who?

Yate Town Council welcomes comments from the members of the public on any issue. You can either contact your local Councillor or Council Staff directly (contact details below), contact the Town Council, or attend a Full Council meeting and speak during the public participation session.

Mayor of Yate

At the May 2024 Annual Yate Town Council Meeting, Councillor Ben Nutland (pictured left) was elected as Mayor, with Councillor Aziz Chowdhry (pictured right) elected as Deputy-Mayor..

Councillor Ben Nutland and Deputy Mayor Councillor Aziz Chowdhry
Chair & Mayor for 2024, Councillor Ben Nutland and Deputy Mayor Councillor Aziz Chowdhry

As the youngest elected Mayor in the town’s history, Councillor Ben Nutland expressed his gratitude and excitement to be given this opportunity.  In his statement he confirmed that:-

“As a local resident myself, I am looking forward to bringing a wealth of energy and dedication to the role.  I am planning to focus on addressing issues faced by Yate residents whilst celebrating the town’s rich history and culture.”

“I am looking forward to being in attendance at the full calendar of events taking place during the remainder of 2024, from the D-Day 80th Anniversary Beacon Lighting at Tylers Field on 6th June; the annual Yate Rocks and Party in the Park on 22nd and 23rd June in Kingsgate Park; and the Yate Ageing Better Festival on 17th July, to name a few.  Please do come and say hello.

Councillor Nutland added:-

“We thank the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Cheryl Kirby, for all her hard work in the community during her two-year term.  Cheryl reiterated that she is very proud to call Yate her home and has enjoyed meeting so many people who have stunned her with their devotion to their causes to better the lives of the people of this town.”

Click here for more information on the Role of a Mayor and how to make a booking.


Yate Town Council has 17 elected members who represent the people of the town. All Town Councillors are governed by a Code of Conduct, which ensures that high standards are maintained.

Councillor's group photo
Yate Town Councillors

Councillors for Yate Central Ward

You can contact any of the councillors below via the Council contact page.

Councillor Sandra Emms

Sandra Emms
01454 314139
42 Clayfield,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7HU

[email protected]

Councillor John Ford

John Ford
01454 311632
13 Argyle Drive,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5TZ

[email protected]

Councillor Margaret Marshall

Margaret Marshall
01454 315750
18 Stanshawe Crescent,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4EB

[email protected]

Councillor Gabriela Miron

Gabriela Miron
07723 861406
133 Normandy Drive,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4FL

[email protected]

Councillor Tony Sharp

Tony Sharp
01454 321264
8 Meadow Mead,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7UT

[email protected]

Councillor Wendy Tomasin

Wendy Tomasin
01454 313402
37 Chichester Way
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5TB

[email protected]

Councillors for Yate South Ward

Councillor Tony Davis

Tony Davis
01454 881415
11 Lydbrook Close, Yate, Bristol BS37 4HS

[email protected]

Councillor Cheryl Kirby

Cheryl Kirby
01454 856495
213 Dovecote,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4PF

[email protected]

Councillors for Yate North Ward

Councillor Aziz Chowdhry

Aziz Chowdhry
07920 042954
3 Sandy Lodge,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4HE

[email protected]

Councillor Nicola Clarke

Nicola Clarke
01454 311877
46 Cornwall Crescent,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7RX

[email protected]

Councillor Mike Drew

Mike Drew
07966 228864
3 Churchfarm Close,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5BZ

[email protected]

Councillor John Emms

John Emms
01454 314139
42 Clayfield,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7HU

[email protected]

Councillor Alan Monaghan

Alan Monaghan
01454 881251
13 Homefield,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5US

[email protected]

Councillor Ben Nutland

Ben Nutland – MAYOR
07596 338096
58 Dorset Way,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7SP

[email protected]

Councillor Ray Perry

Ray Perry
01454 821599
14 Tyndale Avenue,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5EU

[email protected]

Councillor Karl Tomasin

Karl Tomasin
37 Chichester Way,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5TB

[email protected]

Councillor Chris Willmore

Chris Willmore
01454 882356
3 Churchfarm Close,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5BZ

[email protected]

Council Staff

If you have any problems or enquiries which are relevant to Town Council staff, then our list of staff names, positions and contact details will help.

If the person you wish to contact does not have contact details published then please contact the Town Council here.

Many of Yate Town Council’s staff work from the town council office at Poole Court, Yate,  there are also caretakers, estates people and cleaners who work across the town.

To view the Yate Town Council Staff Structure chart, please click here.

Town Clerk & Deputy Town Clerk

You can email the Town Clerk & Deputy Town Clerk directly via our contact form.

Town ClerkHayley Townsend01454 866510
Deputy Town ClerkJulia Alden01454 866506

Service Support Team 

You can email individual council staff here.

Service Support ManagerJulia Alden01454 866506
Service Support Officer Lucy Bennett01454 866506
Lead Service Support AssistantKaren Harris01454 866508
Service Support AssistantRachel Evans01454 866506
Service Support AssistantMel Dixon-Bamforth01454 866506
Community Engagement AssistantAlona Dubinko01454 866506

Finance Team

You can email individual council staff here.

Responsible Finance Officer &
Finance Manager                   
Paul Carroll 01454 866507        
Deputy Responsible Finance OfficerCatherine Demmery01454 866507
Finance AssistantJulie Westcott01454 866251
Finance Assistant Becky Gunter 01454 866251
Finance Assistant Sue Horner01454 866251

Estates Team

Estates ManagerPhil Jones
Estates SupervisorRob Noble
Community Support AssistantLynn Jephtha
Lead Estates PersonTom Edge
Estates PersonAdam Hill
Estates PersonTim Goodfield
Estates PersonLuke Firstbrook
Estates PersonTony Zorzo
Estates PersonVacancy
Estates ApprenticeLiam Palmer
Estates Site CleanerNigel Slade
Estates Site CleanerShaun Jankovic
Resident Caretaker – Poole CourtTom Kott
Estates Weekend CaretakerTim Stone

Community Projects Team

You can email individual council staff here.

Community Projects Manager Leah Collier   01454 866506
Community Projects OfficerLori Ramsay01454 866506
Community Projects AssistantPosition Filled01454 866506

Yate Heritage Centre Staff

You can email individual council staff here.

Community Heritage OfficerDavid Hardill01454 862200
Heritage Education AssistantHannah Frost01454 862200
Heritage Operations OfficerPosition Filled

Armadillo Youth Cafe and Venue Staff

To contact the Armadillo please call 01454 869441 or email [email protected]     

Venues Operations Officer                Carene Whiting-Hays                             
Assistant Venue Operations OfficerStephanie Thorne
Senior Youth Co-ordinatorKasie Niblett
Youth Co-ordinatorLucie Lonsdale
Venue AssistantKelly Rogers
Venue AssistantHolly Payne
Venue AssistantGeorgia Andrews
Venue AssistantVacancy
Venue AssistantKian Langley
Venue AssistantSuzanne Carter
Venue AssistantGrace Cameron
Venue AssistantBethany Edwards-Coomber
Venue AssistantCarla Whiting-Hays
Office ApprenticePosition Filled

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