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Yate Town Council has provided amenities for the growing number of Yate teenagers. Peg Hill Skate Park is an example of this provision, as is the teenage seating at Long’s Drive.

Yate Town Council wants your help to find out – what is life like, for young people living in Yate?

Are you a young person in Yate or do you know a young person in Yate.

We need the Young people of Yate to complete this survey for us.

*This questionnaire is for young people aged up to 18years old, and neurodiverse young people aged up to 25years old, who live in Yate, South Gloucestershire.*

The Armadillo Youth Café


About the Venue

The Armadillo Youth Venue and Cafe in the heart of Yate provides a contemporary, safe environment for all young people of the locality aged between 11 and 17 to use, enjoy and call their own.

Named by local young people in recognition of its distinctive shape, and painted a vivid purple colour, the 200-capacity centre is designed to exacting environmental standards and offers high-quality facilities including a café with internet access, DJ Booth, pool table, basketball table tennis, x-box gaming area and a fantastic 60-seater cinema. Everyone aged 11-17yrs is welcome whether they want to chill out in the café, meet friends and make new ones, or take part in a workshop. They have weekly craft and cooking sessions!

Location of The Armadillo in Yate

Opening Hours:

Weekday Sessions

Youth sessions are running Monday – Friday

For individual school days and times, please see poster below.

Parental Contact Consent Form

For any new child wanting to attend the Armadillo a parental contact and consent form will needed to be completed at their 1st session.

Community Cinema @ The Armadillo

Armadillo Community Cinema


Café opens from 10am selling hot and cold drinks, confectionary and snacks. Movie starts at 10.30am.

Regarding the above:

Please book for the Community Cinema & Senior cinema events through the Armadillo Facebook page, or call 01454 869441

Visit our Armadillo Youth Cafe and Venue page for further information and to find out what is happening at the venue!

Kickabout areas in Yate

Kickabout areas are also very popular and as a result, can be found at the following play area sites:

  • Kingsgate Park
  • Wellington Road
  • Millside Play Zone
  • Lye Field by The Ridge Junior School

In addition to the above, West Yate Kickabout has opened in the grounds of Tyndale Primary School on Cranleigh Court Road.

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