The Local Nature Action Plan takes root in Yate

At the Full Council meeting in May, the Local Nature Action Plan (LNAP) was accepted as part of the Town Council’s commitment to take action against the climate and ecological crisis. The LNAP has been drawn up to help our community tackle the decline in biodiversity, caused by climate change and human activity.

Yate features approximately 850 hectares of green spaces. The LNAP is a six-year biodiversity plan that aims to:

  • address effects on the natural environment from climate change and human-driven activity;
  • enhance ecological value of the town by promoting the diversity of wildlife species and habitats;
  • develop habitat webs where ecosystems, plants and animals can thrive;
  • connect environmentally valuable areas by developing, creating and enhancing connecting corridors; and
  • make nature relevant to residents by encouraging educational initiatives and community participation in the LNAP actions.
LNAP adoption
Image: Cllrs Alan Monaghan, Chris Willmore and former Chair of Council 2019-2022, Karl Tomasin.

To mark the adoption of the LNAP, 3 trees were awarded to Yate Town Council by South Gloucestershire Council. These trees were planted in north Yate green spaces; the Zone 1 starting point for the LNAP.  You can find a black walnut in Brinsham Park, and two tulip trees in Millside Nature Park.

Councillor Chris Willmore commented:

It is so good to see so many residents helping our environment, from the litter picking squads to hedgehog rescue. The plan will give even more residents a chance to make a difference to our environment. 

If you have ideas for improving biodiversity in Yate, get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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