Yate Town Council’s Annual Town Council Meeting Elections

At the Annual Town Council meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2021, Councillor Karl Tomasin was elected as Mayor and Chair of Yate Town Council for the third year running, with the position of Vice Chair and Deputy Town Mayor also staying with Councillor Cheryl Kirby for a third term.

Due to the last year of their service being dominated by the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, both Chair and Vice Chair expressed how keen they are to make this third term, hopefully heading out of lockdown very soon, into a more typical experience.

Fellow members of the council thanked both Karl and Cheryl for their service to date.

Councillor Tomasin stated:-

“This last year has been so difficult and challenging for everyone and I would like to personally send a huge thank you to everyone for being so responsible and for continuing to follow the government guidelines.  This has enabled us all to see the restrictions being lifted, combined with the vaccination program which has been so successful in helping to protect our community. Both the Vice Chair and I are keen and looking forward to supporting the local community in a much more involved capacity.”

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