Yate Town Council installs its first full renewable energy system, at Yate Heritage Centre!

Yate Town Council is pleased to announce the installation of our first full renewable energy generator, at Yate Heritage Centre!

In 2021, Yate Town Council began investigating the replacement of gas boilers at our buildings, where boilers were near the end of the product life-cycle. Following research and survey investigations, an Air Source Heat Pump was chosen as the best possible option for renewable energy generation, at Yate Heritage Centre.

In November 2022, when Yate Heritage Centre experienced a boiler failure – with faults that could not be repaired – and risks of damage to the building and the irreplaceable items within it, the Town Council immediately actioned a renewable energy replacement.

The new heat pump will return many benefits for the climate and the community. Heat pumps are low maintenance, with a long service life, (on average lasting longer than 15 years, compared with gas boilers which last, on average 10-15 years).  This replacement will reduce costly maintenance and replacements before the next 15 years has passed.

Using electricity from the Town Council’s “green energy” supply, and the underfloor heating system already in place, the heat pump captures heat from outside and moves it indoors, and will save the Town Council an estimated £1,600 each year on gas heating bills.

While providing a reliable heating system all-year round, heat pumps are more than 300% more efficient than a standard gas boiler, reducing the Heritage Centre’s carbon footprint by THOUSANDS of kilograms, of CO2, per year!

Councillor Chris Willmore (pictured left) said “this is a brilliant step forward for the Town Council and the climate.”

Councillor Alan Monaghan, Chair of the Environment and Community Committee (pictured right) said “we are thrilled with this installation and we are excited to continue this journey, to reduce our carbon footprint”.

For further information about the Town Council’s Climate and Planet declaration and project work, please contact us at [email protected] or telephone 01454 866506.

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