Local Nature Action Plan

Yate Town Council made a declaration in 2020 recognising the climate and ecological emergency we are facing.  A Local Action Plan has been drawn up to help us to work together as a community with South Gloucestershire Council to tackle the decline in biodiversity. Yate is an urban area, with green spaces within the urban area covering 850 hectares of which 150 are rural.

Finalised at Full Council on 10 May 2022, the LNAP forms a six year plan for biodiversity, using a zonal and Town wide approach the LNAP aims to:

Address the effects on the natural environment from Climate Change and the pressures of human-driven activity;

Enhance the ecological value of core areas within the town by promoting the extent and diversity of wildlife species and habitats;

Develop habitat webs for example, for plants, ferns, lichens, trees, insects, birds, mammals and amphibians;

Connect environmentally valuable areas by developing, creating and enhancing connecting corridors;

Make nature relevant to residents by encouraging participation in the proposed LNAP actions and carrying out educational initiatives for all age groups.

We continuously welcome new ideas and feedback. To have your say please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01454 866506

Previous Consultation Documents (February 2022)


LNAP Summary Public Consultation 12.01.2022 95.09 KB


Final LNAP 4.49 MB

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