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19 Mar 2024


7:00 pm

Planning & Transportation Committee Meeting (Planning only) 19 March 2024*

Following a recent recommendation being approved at Full Council on 27th June 2023, it was RESOLVED that the ‘Planning Only’ meetings scheduled for 2024/25 will no longer take place.

Instead, a positive decision was taken to save time and cost by the committee agreeing to digitally confirm comments to be submitted and invoking delegation to the clerk to submit these comments to South Gloucestershire Council.

The submissions will be formally reported to the next Planning and Transportation Committee meeting.

Planning applications received by Yate Town Council and are will be reviewed digitally can be viewed on the “Planning and Transportation” page of our website under ‘Agendas’.

The notice of planning applications received will also include the deadline in which members of the Planning and Transportation Committee have to submit comments to the Clerk.

If a member of the public would like to raise comments on any of the applications received, or would like to speak to members of the committee directly, please contact Yate Town Council via :[email protected] or call 01454 866506 quoting the Planning Application Reference Code

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